Tezos Stablecoin Foundation

An independent non-profit, non-shareholder foundation for Tezos DeFi

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To enable and propogate the advancement of a decentralized financial ecosystem on the Tezos blockchain network


Tezos Stablecoin Foundation seeks to accomplish its mission goal in 2 ways:

1.  Delivering a complete cycle of DeFi infrastructure on Tezos. This includes the proliferation of three infrastructural elements: hard-backed stablecoins, a decentralized permissionless transfer conduit for intra-chain and inter-chain trading of assets by a network of independent node operators, and a decentralized lending system with an automated interest rate market maker.

2. Grantmaking to independent ecosystem actors enabling them to build independent DeFi applications on the Tezos blockchain, as well as building a support network of resources that would further advance the cause of DeFi on Tezos.


Grants are not open yet, nor is the official proposal process. However, if you are interested in Tezos Stablecoin Foundation grants, please check back here for updates.

Tezos Stable Technologies ('StableTech')

StableTech (Tezos Stable Technologies, Ltd.) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tezos Stablecoin Foundation. StableTech contracts independent actors in the Tezos ecosystem to develop and manage open-source projects that are aligned with Tezos Stablecoin Foundation's mission goals. For more information on StableTech and ongoing StableTech Projects, visit their website.


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